Public Relations.

Public Relations

Public Relations as define is a practice to shape and maintain the image of a company, organization or individual in the eyes of the client's. Public Relations is also define as Communication with various sectors of the public to influence their attitudes and opinions in the interest of promoting a person, product, or idea. P.R is a major tool in the present market to build the right image of the client. Marks Media Communication creates strategies, concepts and ideas to build the strong image of our client.

How Do We Do It?

We at Marks Media Create a plan with goals and objectives. Define the target audiences and the target messages. Plan how your media relations program will fit with your other marketing communications programs. Establish in advance how you want to measure the success of your program.

Media Relations

As the most experienced firm in Public Relations we at Marks Media Communication considers Media Relations as the one of the most important aspects of Public Relations, it is the goal of the firm to maintain the positive relations with the media to help our client to get the positive response from its target group through the media.

Media Monitoring Services

You'll want to know if syndicates and wire services are picking up your story. That's where a subscription to a clipping service can help. These services scan thousands of newspapers, magazines, and Web sites and monitor tele- vision talk shows and news programs looking for mention of your company or product. You can also provide them with key words thereby keeping up- to-date on your industry or competition. There are services that still manual- ly clip articles but there are also Web-based services that scan electronic versions of publications and deliver your "clippings" in electronic form. In either case, having these clippings enables you to judge whether your news is reaching your target audience and if your PR plan is effective

Press Release

These are usually the most valuable to the news media, and will help you establish a reputation as a source. These are about developing trends in your industry and contain information that would otherwise be difficult for the media to obtain. We at Marks Media Communication has the professional team of writers, who before the assignment goes and interact with client and get to know "how the client wants to present itself in the market" and after thorough analysis Press Release is made.

Brand Management

Brand management starts with understanding what 'brand' really means. This starts with the leaders of the company who define the brand and control its management. It also reaches all the way down the company and especially to the people who interface with customers or who create the products which customers use. We at Marks Media Communication perform Brand management to its full extent means starting and ending the management of the whole company through the brand with our concepts and unique strategies we create the image of the brand as 'Branded'.

Event Management

Events the word says it all, but when it comes to Event Management its get quite tricky at the end, Of course Event Management is most sought after these days, but we at Marks Media Communication believes that its not just the child's play, the specialize team at Marks Media Communication handles every small aspects of an Event, right from the arrangement of the locations to inviting the celebrity, everything is undertaken by the professionals of Marks Media Communication.

Product Launch

Product launch is another important aspect for your product create waves in the market, if you have the product lined up for the launch then we at Marks Media has the solution for its successful launch, the team at Marks Media gets into extensive research of knowing the details of the product, its competitors and the target audience and after a thorough research Marks Media comes up with the solution for successful product launches.

Corporate P.R

The Basic Aim of any Organization is to enhance its Corporate Image. We create a extensive view about clients and its overall corporate strategies, corporate planning, its management etc and its performance.
A Strong Corporate Image provides base on which companies shares can be build, it also enhances the organization performances and lays the strong base for marketing and sales campaign, with our innovative strategies and implementation, image of our clients is further enhanced.

Celebrity Management

Marks Media Communication has large number of celebrities associated with it than any other Firm in the country. Whether you need a celebrity for the Product Launch or wants any of the celebrity to be your Brand Ambassador, we are definitely up for that, we arrange celebrities for

  • Product Launch
  • Shows
  • Inaugurations
  • Events
  • Collection Launch
  • Brand Ambassador


Being the one of the Experienced Advertising and Public Relation Firm we have got a great experience in Advertisement , whether it is Print Media, Electronic Media, Outdoor Media ( Hoardings ) we are up for anything in the field of Advertisement, our team includes, experience designers, innovative copy writers and energetic marketing persons (for Market Research), which will definitely provide you with complete advertising solutions.

Concept Promotions

We Provide Powerful and Irresistible Solutions and variety of Concept to our Client, to help our client promote its concepts with much ease, after strategies gets actuated we activate clients publicity and generate sales.

Crisis Management

Crises are not always necessarily bad. An emergency or controversy may give you the opportunity to reach large numbers of people with your com- pany's perspective. Good or bad, a few things are key in handling crises. But when the things that shouldn't happens, Marks Media Communication helps is client counteract the situation with quick and effective measures right from media to its publics